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Marketing strategies are continuously changing as consumers, technology, and trends evolve. So, how can your brand keep up with these changes so you’re not falling behind in the digital age?

Bringing Your Brand Into the Present-Day

Even if your brand has been around for decades, you shouldn’t rely on reputation alone to fuel your brand. Terlato Wines International, a family-operated legacy brand, began in 1938 as a retail store. Since then, they’ve grown each year without failing to cater to new consumers through innovative experiences and marketing solutions. DTC Marketing Manager Elisabeth (Elise) Terlato says they’re always looking for new ways to revolutionize the industry and make fine wine available for a range of consumers. So what strategies are they using to market in the modern world? 

The Importance of Fostering Relationships

Nurturing relationships with other brands and influencers is a win for everyone involved. It’s important to seek brands that have a wide net of followers and a shared set of values. Brand partnerships can help you boost brand recognition, increase loyalty, and give you a new set of customers that may have not otherwise been introduced to your product. 

Working with influencers isn’t just about leveraging their large following to grow yours. There are many different types of influencers out there, so you have to choose wisely. To effectively elevate your brand and reach a wider audience that will bring you new consumers, look for an influencer who fits your brand’s personality and evokes the same spirit.

“A lot of people are only buying online now. They’re not walking into a store or having to deal with other salespeople. So, I think the most important thing to really know as you’re doing this is to continue to understand who you are — especially for those luxury, legacy brands — and what can you do for people that someone else can’t?”

Invest in the Digital World and Grow

It’s no secret that the wine industry is falling behind in its adoption of digital technologies. However, the digital world is only expanding, and if you don’t invest in digital strategies now, you likely won’t see great results in the future. 

At the end of the day, building your online presence can help you reach more consumers. If your brand is on a direct-to-consumer site, your wine has a greater chance of being sold — because more and more people are buying online nowadays. Why? Online shopping is easy, quick, and can be completed in five seconds by clicking an Instagram ad. And don’t you want to make the purchase of your wine as simple as can be?

Elise Terlato
Elisabeth (Elise) C. Terlato , DTC Marketing Manager at Terlato Wines International
Terlato Wines

Meet Your Consumers Where They Are

Because the wine industry is filled with so many innovative brands, consumers won’t go searching for you — you have to go searching for them. If you want to reach new customers, it’s important that you meet them where they are.

Let consumers know how your wine could enhance their life, and show up where they’re buying. Whether in restaurants, retail stores, or on e-commerce platforms, you have to put yourself in front of a wide audience if you want to grow your consumer base. 

In addition to meeting your consumers online, you have to cater to your audience based on their values. Many young consumers want to support sustainable, transparent brands. They care more about where a product comes from and how it’s made. So, when marketing your brand, show off your values to find like-minded consumers who can eventually become raving fans and loyal customers.

Check out the full episode with Elise Terlato here.

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